Can Uhive Token Reaches $1

Uhive is a New Social Network Still in early stages
We aim to be the next combined Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok.
Uhive is unique:
  • Share of wealth concept
  • Everything has a value in Uhive (Spaces, Profiles, Space Names, Digital Assets, etc..)
  • First Public Moderation (Wikipedia style)
  • Unlimited possibilities
  • World first 3D Oasis built-in
Will Uhive Token Reaches $1?
Uhive is building a circular economy, and everything from day one is connected to our token
Just like country’s economy, the more users, trade and engage with our platform, our token value will raise and our internal economy will grow.
For example, once Uhive reaches 100 Million users, we estimate the tokens will be between $0.5 and $1. If we reached 500 Million, it could reach $4?!
It takes work to reach 100 Million users. It will take years, hard work and most importantly, YOUR SUPPORT 😀🚀🙏
I want to help. What can I do?
  • More users! Invite your friends and family to use Uhive (Invite and earn U600)
  • Send feedback, let us know your thoughts
  • Become a moderator
  • Buy and stake Uhive tokens (If you can)
Coming Soon
Exciting upcoming few months
🚀 Planning to release a new tokenization system, so more money will be given to the users who are active, very active
🚀 Live-Streaming and Tipping system
🚀 An Innovative new type of content (Big Surprise) 😀

You are one step closer!

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