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Uhive is all about exploring and discovering content from various interests. The following options are available for you to explore the Uhive world.

Uhive Home

The Home is where posts from the spaces you are following will be shown. You can explore the Feed by posts or videos .

Uhive helps you by listing some suggested spaces based on your interests.

Uhive Discover

The Discover screen is where posts from all over Uhive will be shown. Content on this screen can be filtered by interest as follows:

Top Posts

When Top is selected, posts from the most popular Uhive spaces will be shown.

Your spaces can also become Top if you work hard enough on making them popular 😉

My Interests

When My Interests is selected, posts related to your interests will be shown. You always can edit your interests list as described in this article.

You also can filter the Discover screen by a specific interest.

Uhive Oasis

This is the future of Uhive! Here you can see how Uhive evolves every day. Each space has a virtual location here. Go ahead and explore the Uhive universe! (Learn more)

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