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Dividends for All

Uhive Metaverse world got a bold vision, beside what we are building like the metaverse (The Oasis), and the Public moderation (Magna Carta Protocol), our complete vision is to share the wealth, which means unconditional income for all active users.

Simply instead of a few people/investors to take all the profit and the success, we believe  a big part of the revenue should and must be distribute back to our Uhive users (unconditionally).

The amount of the tokens distributed depends on many factors, but simply if you just used the app for at least ten (10) minutes (non-continuous), you will get tokens!

We are still building Uhive, but roughly the below will apply:

User Activity Factors will get you (%15)

  • Time spent on the app
  • Social Scale
  • Posts
  • Engagement, Reporting, Moderation
  • Plus more than 200 parameter is being developed (which is a hard work)

Uhive Total Economy Factor (%85)

Which is the big part! Uhive needs millions of users to make the internal economy works, so we are still starting, the tokens will be low until we reach at least 5 Million active users.

So, the more users we get and the more trading, engagement and PR, etc… the more success Uhive will have, and this will increase the Uhive wealth overall, which will reflect on all Uhive users, not just a few like current social networks.

Remember, we are still a self/Public funding operation, but we are working hard and we are trying to unitize every resource we have.

If you want to help and be part of Uhive, please contact us at iwanttohelp@uhive.com

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