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Five Laws of the Metaverse


Law #2 A Metaverse must aim to create a global universal income for every single user by allowing and facilitating the distribution of wealth


Via the “Uhive Economy Insights” screen, users can see the circular economy model in action, and the value or wealth shared with themselves and the entire Uhive community.


To read more about Uhive five laws, click here.

Total spaces owned; These are pieces of virtual real estate that reside on the Uhive ecosystem that are owned by the individual user. Soon, these digital spaces will be tradeable as NFTs on the Ethereum network, but in the meantime, users can build engagement on them, by posting social media content which will grow their value.

Total spaces owned by all the users; Same as above, but instead of displaying the number of spaces owned by one user, it shows the collective number of spaces owned across the entire Uhive network. This will give everyone an accurate and real-time impression of the growth the network is experiencing – the higher the growth, the greater the value of the network.

Total Tokens Owned; The total amount of Uhive tokens (HVE2) owned by an individual user. Because these are cryptocurrency tokens, and are connected to active markets via trading pairs, the price of each token will go up and down in real-time, as the market demand increases or decreases. Users can keep an eye on the actual wealth they’ve generated by being a part of the Uhive platform.

Total tokens owned by all the users; These are the total number of Uhive tokens in circulation and owned by users across the network. This will show users the strength of the Uhive economy and also the rate at which it is growing, if users keep a regular eye on it.

Total tokens supply; The total supply of Uhive tokens minted from day one, and in existence. This number will never increase (but may decrease if a burning event occurs).

Total internal transactions; The total number of transactions that have taken place at a given time, across the entire Uhive network. These transactions include NFT sales on Uhive’s Marketplace, token tips sent between users, tokens bought or sold, spaces bought or sold and more. Much like the total tokens owned or spaces bought, this number will give an indication of the current size, value of Uhive’s economy, and growth.

Total offline wallets; All Uhive user accounts come with an internal (Uhive network) digital wallet. These wallets are offline and operate within the protocols of the Uhive system to ensure a user’s digital assets are safely stored. The total number of offline wallets indicates the number of users currently signed up to Uhive, and storing digital assets in their wallets.

Total NFTs in the marketplace; The Uhive Marketplace is a digital store for users across the network to create, list, buy and sell NFTs created via their Uhive accounts. This number gives an indication of the growth, and popularity of the Marketplace.

Uhive NFTs market size; Much like the total tokens owned, this figure will indicate the rate of growth and the monetary value of the NFT space within the Uhive ecosystem. Users can use this to evaluate the potential to earn money by buying and selling NFTs on the Marketplace.

Uhive GDP per user; Taking the traditional explanation of a country’s GDP (gross domestic product) which measures the value generated by a country via the products or services it sells over a period, here we’re applying the same idea to each user across Uhive’s economy. In other words – how much each individual user on Uhive is contributing towards Uhive’s economy in monetary terms. This is a great way to see the overall health of Uhive’s economy grow and mature, as the GDP per user increases, and how quickly or regularly it does so.

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