How Can I Buy a Space?

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A ‘space’ on Uhive is the equivalent of a profile, channel or page on other social networks.


You are allowed to create as many spaces as you want under different interests. Your first space under each interest is free. If you wish to own additional space(s) within the same interest, you are welcome to do so!

Buy a Space from Uhive Store

1. Open your Uhive app and go to the Assets page.

2. Tap the Store button.

3. Refer to the Assets section and tap the Buy Virtual Land (Space) button.

4. A list of all the available interests will be shown. Tap on the interest where you want to buy a space.

5. Specify the price range if you want. Keep in mind that the higher the price the better the location of the space. Once done selecting the price range, tap the Buy button.

6. Uhive will start looking for a space within the price range specified and will buy it for you. Once done, you will get the Sucess notification with the details of the bought space.

Buy a Space via the Oasis

1. Open your Uhive app and go to the Oasis screen.

2. Tap the interest that you want to buy a space in.

3. Tap the Buy spaces button.

4. Use the heat map to select where exactly you want your space to be created under the selected interest. The map is divided into blocks, and the space price depends on how close the block is to the center of the interest. Select the desired block and tap its Details option.

5. After checking the block details, tap the Buy a space in this block button.

6. Confirm your purchase.

To learn more about Uhive spaces, click here!
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