How Secure is Uhive?

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We made sure to put the security and the privacy of our users on the top of our priorities while building Uhive.


We employed a number of physical and electronic security measures to protect users information and data. In order to make it a very well secured network against various types of attacks,we have adopted the top of the line security procedures and the latest encryption methods.


All the data is encrypted with 256 AES SSL data transfer and 256 AES at-rest encryption on multiple servers coated with the latest security technology, to meet and surpass with security compliances and data regulations. Users can securely upload/download data to Uhive via SSL endpoints using the HTTPS protocol.


In addition to that, Uhive is based on Amazon AWS backend; for security, durability and fast global performance.


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) option will be available once we release the social network.

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