Uhive’s New Leaderboard: Get Ready to Compete and Show your Skills!

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Level up your Uhive game and show off your skills with Uhive’s leaderboard! You can now compete with other users to earn recognition and rewards on the platform.


The leaderboard is divided into four categories: Magnetic Spaces, Generous Giants, Wealth Titans, and Buzzworthy Posts. Each list has its own unique set of challenges, but they all offer the chance to showcase your creativity, generosity, and wealth.

Magnetic Spaces

The first list on Uhive’s new leaderboard is the “Magnetic Spaces”. These are spaces that have the most followers and engagement on the platform. The Magnetic Spaces list will give users an opportunity to showcase their creativity and social influence by building a strong community around their space. Being on the Magnetic Spaces Top list is not only a great way to gain recognition on the platform but can also lead to increased engagement and followers.


Want to make it on this list? Start posting engaging content related to your space interest at the right time, and stay active while staying away from content that goes against community standards.

Buzzworthy Posts

The Buzzworthy Posts list ranks posts that have received the most awards in Uhive Tokens, the platform’s native cryptocurrency. So, keep posting high-quality content that resonates with the community to climb up the ranks.

Wealth Titans

If you want to show off your Uhive Tokens, then aim for the Wealthiest Users list. This list ranks users who have accumulated the most Uhive Tokens in their accounts. Show the community your wealth and support for the ecosystem by continuing to participate in the platform.

Generous Giants

The Generous Tippers list ranks users who have tipped the most on other users’ content. Show your generosity and support for fellow users on the platform by tipping them for their high-quality content.

The more tips you give, the higher you’ll rank on the list!
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