What is Magna Carta Protocol?

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Cryptocurrency has changed the world forever. More and more people are getting into the cryptocurrency world and words such as NFT, DApps, digital wallets and decentralised are becoming commonplace.

As the future becomes more decentralised, there is also an increasing focus on the content published. According to research conducted by Pew Research Centre, over 70% of American users believe social media organisations intentionally censor content through its moderation bots and team.

However, we at Uhive as promised, have released our decentralised moderation platform ‘The Magna Carta Protocol’, with the aim of giving back control to the user.

The name derives from the charter written in 1215, which shifted the power from the government to the people. The main ideas of the Magna Carta created in the 13th Century resonate with today’s climate more than ever – Individuals are created equal and have the same right to be heard and judged by their peers only.

Taking a cue from Wikipedia, Uhive will be giving all users the opportunity to become a moderator at Uhive and have the power to moderate the level of content that appears on the platform. Whilst at the same time giving users the freedom and ability to express themselves. Through Decentralized Moderation (DeMo), users are able to explore their favourite content, meet individuals with the same beliefs and interact without the fear of being silenced.

Those with controversial views have the space to debate their viewpoints, and marginalised groups are able to have a voice too, rather than being banned and forced underground, where hatred and intolerance is able to fester and grow uncontrollably.

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