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Resetting your space will delete all of its contents and clear all activity. You will keep the space name and location. Your space status will be changed from Active to Parked (until you post new content) except for default and personal spaces.

This action is not reversible!
What will happen if I reset my space?

After you reset your space, the below will happen:

  • All posts on this space will be removed.
  • All the space’s followers will be removed.
  • This space will not be visible in search until you add new content.
  • The space’s Social Scale will be reset.

How can I reset my space?

1. Go to the space that you want to reset.

2. Tap the gear icon to open the space settings screen, then go to More Settings.

3. Tap the Reset button under the Reset Space option.

4. Enter your Uhive login password and tap Continue.

5. Confirm you wish to reset the space, and you’re done!

While resetting your space you will not be able to post on the space or change its settings. Resetting a space may take up to 24 hours.
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