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Uhive was built to allow users to create spaces under their favorite interests giving them the freedom to post images, videos, even audio on their spaces.


Given that in some cases, posts and their media can depict sensitive topics, such as violence, and other types of controversial material, we must give those users that feel offended by such content, the option to block these posts from their view. 

To balance the freedoms of the poster and the audience a new option was created in the Space Settings, called “This space may contain sensitive content”. If you marked your space as Sensitive, posts from this space will not be highly visible on Uhive; including via search and Discover.


Using this option will help people who don’t want to see sensitive media, avoid it. Also, it will safeguard a user’s space from getting reported by other users who unsuspectingly viewed sensitive content and became triggered by it.  

Obviously, there are multiple types of content that fall clearly outside of the ‘sensitive material’ category, such as extreme violence, bullying, nudity etc. that are flatly denied any presence on Uhive. You can read Uhive’s content guidelines here to find our more…

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