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Your ‘social scale’ score on Uhive is a numerical value that represents where a user places on a spectrum that measures the success of your space/s, with the highest value (and most successful) being 999. Social scales, much like your credit score (in real life) can fluctuate, going up and down, according to several variables:


  • The time at which you joined Uhive
  • Time spent on Uhive
  • The number of followers you have
  • The quality of the followers (their social scale scores)
  • The quality of your content (how often or not your content is flagged or reported)
  • Your level of engagement with others posts
  • The level of engagement generated by other users on your content
  • Location of your space/s


As the user base grows, these factors that affect your social scale become increasingly potent. Additionally, your social scale will contribute to enhancing your user experience. The higher your social scale, the more features you can access and the less restrictions you will have while exploring Uhive’s social universe.


It’s worth noting that your social scale on the Civilized World and Free World are two entirely different scores and are calculated using two different algorithms. You can be a social superstar in one world and quietly exist in the other. The choice is yours.



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