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If you’re here, then you’ve probably heard about Uhive’s new Interactive Airdrop to earn Uhive tokens. During this campaign, Uhive is rewarding tens of millions of tokens to users who share their love for Uhive and information about the Interactive Airdrop on their blogs and appropriate forums. Not all blogs are created equal, so here are some tips to get the most out of your blog submission.

First- the rules. In order to participate in Interactive Airdrop for blogs, you’ll have to be a Uhive user, sign up here and also subscribe to our Medium page. The blogs must be completely unique, at least 500 words in length, include three links to Uhive in the article, and include your space name, referral code, and details about the Interactive Airdrop campaign. Blogs can also be reposts, but if you’re reposting a blog, the original entry must be authentic content (no plagiarism allowed!) 

Now, let’s go over what the Uhive team is looking for and how to score the most tokens.

Be Genuine


First and foremost, the team at Uhive is looking for real content that expresses your enthusiasm for Uhive. We’re not looking for essays, but reviews are fine, also we wanna hear what you love about Uhive, why you sign in every day and what you think others may love about it. Uhive is a completely different social media platform, and we want the world to know!

Use Your Interests


In addition to genuine content, the team at Uhive will be judging articles based on engagement. To help your blog get more traction, you can lean on Uhive’s Interests. If you have an  interest specific blog, about cars for example, show your readers all the cool content in Uhive’s Autos interest. The same goes for any of our 26 interests from architecture to politics to beauty!

Be Concise


We’re not judging on length, we’re judging on GREAT content. Droning on about the same things won’t help (this isn’t a college essay!) but being brief and genuine will get you maximum coinage. Include screenshots of the app to help your readers follow along and tell your story. 

Those are just a few ways to optimize your blog post. As long as you’re genuine and follow the rules of the airdrop, you’ll be making Uhive bank in no time! Sharing your blog entry on blog sites that make it easy for users to reshare your content can also help maximize your earnings. As long as your blog meets the requirements, you’ll be on your way to earning thousands of Uhive tokens. 

Here’s the rules one more time: 

  1. Be a Uhive User
  2. Subscribe to Uhive’s Medium Page
  3. Article Must-Haves:
    • At least 500 words in length
    • Minimum two links to Uhive (download button, store, or content) 
    • Show screen grabs of the app
    • Outline the Interactive Airdrop Rewards in the article
    • Mention your space name in the article

We want the world to know how much our users love Uhive! Be sure to outline the Interactive Airdrop Rewards for blogs in your article.


  • Original Articles: starting at 5,000 tokens (dependent on the Uhive team’s scoring of your blog post)
  • Reshared Articles: 1,000 tokens 

A team at Uhive will determine the value of your article and the amount of tokens you’ll receive based on things like blog content, your subscriber base, and engagement. Articles found to be plagiarized will not be accepted, and no more than three articles a week may be submitted. Good luck and happy hiving! 

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