Uhive (24 Feb 2020) – Our Biggest Update Yet!

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We are giving away 10% of Uhive’s total token supply! You read that right, Uhive will be giving away $24 million worth of tokens, or 8 billion in actual tokens. At Uhive, we believe in the distribution of wealth. We believe that users are the only reason a social network can succeed, without them, none of this would be possible. We have allocated 8 billion tokens that will be given to users for simply engaging in every day social media activities, the more you engage (i.e like posts, share posts) the more tokens you’ll earn.

How do users earn tokens? For every minute you spend on Uhive, every day, you will earn 1 token. You can earn up to 240 tokens per day by spending 4 hours on Uhive. Also, you’ll earn 40 tokens for every post you make, up to a maximum of 240 tokens a day, or 6 posts. Whereas likes, dislikes, comments and reposts will earn you 2 tokens per action, earning you up to 200 per day. For users who want to turbocharge their earnings we’ve introduced a new multiplier, which means you can quadruple your tokens over time. Each user can earn up to 50,000 tokens that can later be sold or traded when the Uhive token enters exchanges later this year.

So how does the multiplier work? A user will interact daily on the application and receive tokens, on the seventh straight day, earnings are doubled, on the fourteenth day, earnings are tripled, and so on and so forth until tokens are quadrupled. Earn up to 4x as many tokens as you usually would, by keeping your streak, and visiting the app daily. Naturally, this poses the question; what happens if a user doesn’t log on for a day or two? Users will go back one day, for every day they miss. For example, a user is on the third week of their streak, earning 3x tokens, when they miss a day, they will go back to the previous day.

With the new update, users can not only see what’s trending on the app, but what’s trending in specific interests, making it a more customizable and personalized experience. If that’s not enough, you can also see what’s trending in your country.

The update also includes the new Uhive store, making it even easier for users to buy digital assets like tokens, additional spaces and soon – more space names, limited edition badges and much more.

Our early adopters who were part of our beta-testing program late last year had the opportunity to use the application and help us with our real-world testing. Along the way they made some fantastic suggestions about how to improve the app and user-experience, all of which we applied to this new update.

To check the full release notes, click here!
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