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What are awards and why should I send an award?

Giving an Award is a way to take showing appreciation for content, to the next level! It’s so much more than a ‘like’. Awards are a way to show appreciation for an exceptional contribution someone has made to the network. It’s a very personal experience from one Uhiver to another.

The Award will help the original post and the space it belongs to, become more prominent and discoverable; Uhive’s proprietary technology has been developed to evaluate amongst other things, a post’s prominence based on the awards it receives. The more awards the post gets, the more it will appear at the top of search results and feeds. 

In addition to this it gives credibility and affects the creators social scale. 

What type of Awards can I send? 

1. Tokens Awards: this type of award will send tokens to the post’s creator, such as; 

2. Visual Awards: these will be displayed on the post itself, such as; 

How to give an award?
  1. You can award the creator of any post by simply tapping on the “Award”  icon on their post 
  2. Select the award that you want to send     
  3. You can add a message to the award if you like 
  4. You can either send the award anonymously, or show your display name
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