What is Uhive?

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Uhive is a new FREE, dynamic and innovative social experience, designed exclusively for mobile devices. It is divided into two Worlds: The Civilized World and The Free World (Anonymous). Allowing you to be a part of a divergent world in contrast to the traditional world of social networking.

The concept was derived from both human and psychology needs to deliver the most entertaining, unique experience. It is a unique social network that will reward you for your engagement and social activities!

Introducing the exploration experience

Uhive is a social network that introduces a whole new dimension to the world of social networking, allowing you to experience something new and explore new ways to reward our users. We have introduced an advanced network that allows you to express your thoughts freely, browse through different interests and the option to create your own spaces.

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Moreover, it is fundamental that you fully utilise our social network by exploring through different interests and being part of a new dimension. It’s simple, zoom in and out for a certain interest under the ‘Explore Tab’ and start swiping in different directions (left or right). Start sharing your thoughts, opinions, photos and videos and communicate with your friends and family. Allow yourself to discover a new and extraordinary platform filled with continues posts and the opportunity to network the exciting way.

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Introducing Uhive Token..

Moreover, we created a new digital currency, based on blockchain technology exclusive to Uhive in both the Civilized World and the Free World. The network was designed to utilise the currency in ways that are beneficial to individuals, businesses, marketeers and social influencers.
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Virtual reality is a feature integrated within the social network in order to grant you with the ultimate experience. Our mission is to deliver a unique social network, which enables you to feel the real touch of a new world, and to give you the impression that you have jumped into a whole new universe.  However, it is your personal choice to use VR after signing up with us. This feature is mainly provided for those who enjoy close movement and thrill.

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Introducing new marketing and business trends..


Uhive is all about a new approach into the world of Social Exploration; allowing businesses, marketers and influencers to have infinite and new possibilities for a new process into the digital and social marketing aspects that create new ways to get your brand name out there.

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What about the Free World..

The same idea applies to the Free World. Scroll up and down and explore different interests anonymously. Enjoy being who ever you want to be in any of your chosen interests. Post, share and communicate your ideas freely and experience the new dimension of social networking.

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