Quick Description About Uhive

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WHY Uhive?

Social networks makes money from you and they give you NOTHING

They share 1.2% of their revenue with the users (Mostly influencers)
We will share more than 30% of our revenue depends on users daily engagement. 🚀🏆
Freedom of Speech?

The CEOs of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter’s new CEO (Elon Musk) determine what is right and wrong based on their political or revenue agenda.
Uhive is Different. Unlike these controlling platforms, our users decide what’s right and wrong
We created a new innovative moderation system for social media called Magna Carta Intuitive
You Have the Power to Change This

Uhive is still in the early stages! And we need your support and help to make a big change in the world!”
Use Uhive, Send us feedback, Talk about Uhive, Invite your friends to Join and make a difference 🚀😀
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