Amazing!…You Joined Uhive in the early stages!
Invest in Uhive no money needed
Different ways to invest in Uhive! No money needed!
Uhive is the only crypt-based social network that created a user base and found a way to utilize the crypto within the app!
Uhive World Cup 2022 NFT
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People are using Uhive as a new social network, not just for crypto like other social networks
What makes us different:
  • Creating a new social network like Facebook/Tiktok/Instagram, which 90% of users use it for fun, networking or work
  • In Uhive, in addition to being a social network, everything is powered using its crypto
  • In time, Uhive Tokens will be a crucial part of your daily engagement in the Uhive Network
Unlike other new social networks which are a copy of each other, Uhive is fundamentally different because everything in Uhive (Spaces, posts, space names, space location, etc…) is designed to have value and can be sold and traded
Uhive will grow exponentially in the next few months with our biggest and global update
We are raising money now to go global!

How you can help:

Join Uhive Foundation (Get up to 700% ROI if Uhive reaches 20 Million users!) -It’s all about the users which is YOU! (Starting from $250)


FREE – Join Uhive Foundation Partner Program and invite people to join the foundation and get up to 20% commission in CASH or TOKENS

You are one step closer!

Apple does not authorize Early Access Apps, however you can still reserve your space and be one of the first by simply filling out the form below.


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