How Do I Send Tokens to Another Uhiver?

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Uhive allows you to transfer tokens from your internal wallet to another user’s internal wallet.

How to send tokens

1. Open your Uhive app.

If you do not have the Uhive app yet, download it now!

  • For Android, click here.
  • For iOS, click here.

2. Go to the Uhive space that you wish to send tokens to. You can use the Search option to look for it.

3. Once you are in the wanted space, tap the Actions icon  at the upper-right corner of the space → Tap the Send Tokens option.

4. An introduction screen will show. Tap the Next button.

5. Enter your Uhive login password and tap the Next button.

6. Specify the amount of tokens you wish to transfer and tap the Next button.

7. Confirm the transfer by tapping the Continue button.

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