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Staking simply means you hold your Uhive tokens, but instead of just watching them sit in your wallet – you actually EARN more tokens simply by not moving them. Basically, you dedicate any number of your tokens (minimum commitment is 100,000 tokens) to staking and commit to keep them in your wallet for a fixed period of time consisting of 30, 90, 180 or 365  days.

What is the key benefit of staking?

You can earn a very substantial number of tokens for doing absolutely nothing!

What is the minimum and maximum amount you can stake?

The minimum amount for staking is 100,000 tokens, while the maximum is unlimited.

How much can I earn by staking my tokens? 

Every round of staking has a different annual percentage yield (APY) value, the sooner you stake, the more profits you can get more out of the staking program, the maximum APY we have offered so far is 125%.

What would happen if I moved my tokens out of the staking program before the period I committed to is over? 

You can move your tokens out of the staking program at any point, but bear in mind that if you remove them before the period you committed to is over, you’ll receive absolutely ZERO token rewards.

How can I stake my tokens?

1. Open your Uhive app and go to the Assets page.

2. Tap the Wallet button.

3. Tap the Staking button.

4. In the opened web page, choose the amount you want to stake, how long you would like to stake it, then agree with the terms and conditions and you’re good to go!

How can I get the staking profit?

Once the staking period is over, the Status of the staking will be changed from Active (Cancel) to Finished (Unstake). Click the Unstake option to get the profit added to your Uhive wallet.

How can I cancel the staking process?

At any time, you can cancel the staking process from the Staking page, Status tab of your Uhive account. Just click the Cancel button. The original staked amount of tokens will be added back to your Uhive wallet, and no profit will be generated.

There is a limited pool for staking, so don’t miss the chance to stake your tokens now! The staking program will end as soon as we reach the specified cap!


You can only stake your tokens if they’re in your Uhive wallet. Learn more about depositing tokens into your Uhive wallet, or more about purchasing tokens.

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