What are the Usages of the Uhive Token?

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Uhive’s digital currency – Uhive Token [HVE] – is a robust ERC-20 token, used to provide the social network with a means to power its circular economy, sending value back to the users by being incorporated into every transaction on Uhive. 

Later Uhive tokens will also be used as a medium of exchange between users who wish to transact on the network for goods or services on Uhive’s marketplace.

The above will collectively increase the value of the token and marketplace within Uhive proportionately with the amount of users and activity, as these are intrinsic to token usage.

Some of the things you can do with your tokens…

AWARDS & BADGES Love a post? Excited to tell someone you have a crush? Want your voice to be heard? These are just a handful of the awards and badges that Uhivers can send to each other, after purchasing them with Uhive tokens. As well as bragging rights, the award recipient will also get added benefits like Uhive tokens added to their wallets, and increased visibility for their space and post.


SPACES Aside from the free spaces Uhive gives everyone who joins the network, users can purchase more prominently placed spaces (i.e. closer to high traffic spaces like brands) using Uhive tokens. Once purchased, this space is owned exclusively by you. This gives you the option to sell your space in the future (hopefully for a profit!) or create great content and piggyback off the surrounding spaces’ traffic to gain followers for your space. 

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SPACE NAMES What’s in a name? Well, a whole lot if you’re wanting to be easily found on a social network, you need to safeguard your brand, or you simply want to grab “Kim” as your space/profile name on Uhive before anyone else does. With Uhive tokens, you can purchase as many additional space names as you can create spaces. What you do with your reserved names in the future is entirely up to you.

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TIPPING Peer-to-peer transactions are possible on Uhive through the sending and receiving of tokens between users. Tip someone to show appreciation for the work they put into their space/s, or if you enjoyed a particular post.

More options will be added in the near future:

  • Advertise on Uhive . 
  • Get special effects for your space/s. 
  • Subscribe to spaces in the Free World. 
  • Allow businesses to sell, buy or exchange good and services. 
  • Buy merchandise. 
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