How Do I Get My Space Verified with the Blue-Tick Badge?

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Space verification acts as a reassurance to users that the space they are interacting with has undergone a thorough validation process. It signifies that the space is legitimate, trustworthy, and offers high-quality content. This verification process helps to maintain the integrity of the Metaverse, creating a more reliable and engaging environment for users.

Space Verification Rules

For a Uhive space to be eligible for the blue-tick space verification badge, it must adhere to the following criteria:


  1. The space should exhibit a consistent increase in daily followers over a period of at least 3 months.
  2. The Social Scale of the space should exceed 500.
  3. Community moderators should consistently vote the space’s content as “Popular” or “Breaking.”
  4. While verification on other prominent social media platforms is not mandatory, it can be viewed positively during the space-verification process.
  5. The space’s content should not regularly receive reports for violating any of the Uhive rules.
  6. The content within the space should align with the space’s specified interest by at least 90%.
  7. Spaces that have been involved in copyright violation or the unauthorized use of artwork for NFT creation in the Uhive marketplace will not be granted the blue-tick space verification. (Learn more)

By meeting these guidelines, a space has a higher chance of being considered for the blue-tick verification badge, signifying its authenticity and exceptional content within the Uhive platform.

How to Apply for the Space Verification Badge

If you possess a noteworthy space that aligns with the aforementioned criteria, we encourage you to submit an application for the blue-tick space verification badge. Our team of experts will carefully assess your application, thoroughly review all aspects of your space(s), and take appropriate actions accordingly. Please note that the approval process may take up to two working weeks. Upon successful approval, the blue-tick badge will be prominently displayed on your space, showcasing its verified status.

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