What is the Personal Space? Is it Different from the Other Spaces?

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The Personal space on Uhive is the equivalent of your personal profile on other social networks. 

The Personal space doesn’t belong to any interest, moreover, you can post personal content such as; family photos, your day-to-day life, your likes and dislikes, or just about anything that makes you who you are. After signing up, your personal space will be created automatically, and you can find it under My Spaces, via the profile tab. 

You will also have the option to choose from 26 interests to create free spaces in any or all of them. All users are also given the option to buy additional spaces in any interest if they choose to, since you are allowed to create as many spaces as you want under multiple interests. Your first space within each interest is free. If you wish to own additional space(s) within the same interest, you need to buy them using Uhive tokens, follow the steps here

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