What is Uhive Space Index?

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Uhive Space Index provides ‘live‘ details about Sectors and Spaces within the network, including Uhive Universe details and numbers.

Uhive is the future of social networks. It has been under years of development and was released in Q4 of 2019. Uhive allows you to explore, socialize and make new friends with other people who share the same interests as you. Uhive introduces a new form of social exploration.

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Uhive Universe Details

Total Free Spaces Owned: Displays the total number of spaces owned by existing users. After you sign up, you will be given one free space in each of the 26 interests of Uhive.

Total Purchased Space Value: This is the sum of all the space values purchased by users. Each space is valued depending on multiple factors, such as; surrounding spaces, traffic, area reputation, space traffic and much more. Your space can affect other spaces depending on your level of engagement on Uhive.

Total Tokens With Users: Displays the total amount of tokens purchased by Uhive users. This shows the sum of tokens in the users’ internal wallet and does not include the external blockchain wallets.

Total Names/Brands Reserved: The total number of unique space names reserved within the network. Users can have up to 5 unique space names.

Verified Spaces: Is the total number of spaces that got verified by Uhive, and received the verification badge.

Interests Details

InterestInterests are based on 26 different ‘subjects’ which allows you to create spaces in as many interests as you desire.

Total Spaces: Number of spaces owned within the interest.

Total Space ValueEach space is valued depending on multiple factors such as; surrounding spaces, traffic, area reputation, space traffic and much more. Your space can affect other spaces depending on your level of engagement in Uhive.

Interest Name: Displays the name of specific interest.

Sector: Shows the sector ID where the spaces are located.

Owned Spaces: Displays the number of user-owned spaces within each sector.

Occupied: The percentage of spaces occupied in each sector.

Current Space Value: The value of the space at this current stage.

Change: The last change on space value within the network.

History: The price history of spaces in this sector.

Last Order: The date of the last purchase by users in this sector.

Distance to Centre: Displays how far your sector is from the center of the interest. The closer you are to the center point, the higher the value of your space, and the higher the chances of you showing up in the ‘Search Results’.

In the future, you will be able to determine the value and the effect your space has on others.

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