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Uhive allows you to customize the settings of your spaces by simply visiting your Assets section of the Uhive app and tapping the Spaces button.

All  your spaces will be shown, and here is what you can do there:

Spaces Statistics

In the Spaces you own screen, you can see how many free and paid spaces you own.

Spaces Insights

Do you need a simple report about the value of your spaces? The Spaces Insights option is here to provide the needed info! (Learn more)

Filter Spaces

By default, all your spaces will be listed. To make it easier for you to locate a specific space, you can filter the list by interest using the Show spaces in drop-down menu.

Sort Spaces

By tapping the Sort icon at the upper-right corner, you will be able to sort your spaces list by:

  • Relevance
  • Newest
  • Oldest

Edit Spaces

Each listed space has its own Edit button. By tapping on it, you can edit the following:

  • Space logo
  • Space name
  • Space description
  • Add location
  • Add link
  • More Settings: This allows you to mark the space as Sensitive (learn more) and to reset space (learn more).

Do not forget to Save your changes!

Share Space

Simply tap the share icon for the wanted space and proceed with sharing it.

Set Default Space

Simply tap the More icon for the wanted space and select the Set as default option.

Go to Space Location in the Oasis

Oasis brings the content to you! Locate your space in the Oasis so you can find new spaces, similar users, and new posts with a single tap! Just tap the More icon for the wanted space and select the Go to space location in the Oasis option.

Create free space

Uhive gives you one free space under each interest! Did not create your free space yet? Tap the Create free space button and proceed. (Learn more)

Buy spaces

Interested in buying a new space? Tap the Buy spaces button and proceed. (Learn more)

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